Build History

Over the last 2 years of building this ESS, I went through many steps, shown below

Testing with Solar Generation

After my 2 first Full Days of Solar Production, I can see that 2/3rd of the Energy used comes from Solar - Direct or Stored & Given back - and that almost all the Solar Energy has been self consumed in-house :-)

This validates that my DIY ESS works :-) !!

IKEA PS Metal Cabinet : Cleaner & Safer

ESC : Electronic Speed Controller

The ESS has become much more precise, generating power very close to the Usage thanks to a New ESC - Electronic Speed Controller - sending variable DC to one of the GTIs - Grid Tie Inverters -

Automatic Mode fully Functional

If the solar system generates more power than my usage, the ESS will switch from GTI Mode to Charger Mode and start switching ON chargers one by one to reach a Net usage close to 0W

If the used power is greater than the solar array generated power, or if it is cloudy/dark, the ESS will switch to GTI Mode and start switching ON Grid Tie Inverters (GTI) one by one to reach a Net usage close to 0W

Control Board complete redesign

New High Performance LiFePO4 Cells : CALB CA180FI

Mottcell LiFePO4 cells: New cells configuration

Testing new AC Relays with Arduino board and Programming 

First layout with Mottcell cells from my Prius Enginer PHEV Kit and a 500W Grid Tie Inverter (GTI)

Here, an even older picture, with Uni-Solar PVL solar panels, and the unnecessary BMS still attached to the cells at this point - I had not watched this EVtv episode at this time -

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