I chose the BEST components to create this ESS:

Energy Monitor: Created in 2006, Wattson is for me the best: it displays clearly in real time your home Usage, Production & Net usage with large visible digits and colors; Using RF, it can travel in your home since it is also battery powered; Easy to install and it looks like a design object 

LiFePO4 Batteries : CALB CA Series Cells are simply the best Li-ion Cells avaibale today: safety, stability, cycle life, power, and energy density at a reasonable price; Read Jack Rickard's article about these  amazing new cells

DC Switch & Breaker : Blue Sea 187-Series Circuit Breaker - Surface Mount 150A; A reliable marine quality high current Switch and Circuit Breaker placed in the middle of the battery pack to be able to switch off completely the whole system, and a protection in case of short circuit; Product link

Grid Tie Inverters : the SUN250G has been a very good GTI for years, is more efficient than a Power Jack (similar product); they can be used in parallel, their DC input accepts 10.8V to 30V, which is perfect for my 24V battery bank; They have a one year warranty; They are very affordable, , 110-230VAC 

Chargers : LiFePO4 24V Simple Charger, Light, Low power, Low price, used in parallel, 110-230VAC 

Contactors : 2 Tyco Kilovac EV200AAANA : Simply a world reference for years, Made in Santa Barbara, USA : Carries high current (500A) and provides a Very Reliable cut off

Mother Board : Very famous widespread programming board, the Arduino is made in Italy, with a French micro-controller chip on board, small power consumption, and has been working for the last year now with no failure

Relays : Small standalone design, with red led to indicate that it is closed/active, standard connector, low cost, have been working for the last year now with no failure; If any, each relay can be changed in 1 or 2 minutes with a small screwdriver

Controller : The ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) used is probably the best in the world, Made in the UK, micro-controller based, does not heat up and can carry high current up to 40A at 26.6V which is more than we need here;Product Link

Voltmeter : This programmable dual relay digital voltmeter is  the key to monitoring the Battery pack charge and discharge limits, and keeps it in the safe range; It is available only in the USA, is easy to program manually, is precise enough and does the job !

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