To build and use the ESS, I provide the 3 documents, available for free :

1 - Kit Building Documentation

A very detailed step by step guide to build your own ESS

=> Get the PDF File

2 - Components List

For each item, I provide the name of the Maker or Distributor, his online store or specific Contact Details (sometime direct email), the exact Reference and/or Name to find it right away in the store, the Quantity needed, and a Picture of the item you have to get

This list of all sorted by Vendor, so that items are already grouped by places you have to visit (easier)

=> Get the PDF File

3 - User Manual

How to use the newly built ESS on a daily basis:

- In Case of any Problem/Emergency
- Switch ON the ESS
- Switch OFF the ESS
- Protecting the ESS battery pack for long period of no use
- Protecting the ESS battery pack from Low Generation or No Generation at all
- Forced Charge Mode

=> Get the PDF File


  1. Pretty cool that you managed to get all this running on an Arduino :-)
    I'll have to revisit this ESS Project when I retire - as now I tool around the world, all expenses and homes paid by the company and will make a noise when I quit, pick a place to live, build or buy a home.. and start paying my own bills :-)

  2. Me again, I have already send a question but I don't remember where (puzzled website).
    What is the goal by using a ESC? giving more or less power to GTI? right?