Kit #1

LiFePO4 DIY ESS Kit #1 

Now it's your turn !

DIY ESS Kit #1 is composed of the base to build your own LiFePO4 ESS :

- The brain of the system : Arduino Leonardo board flashed with my Program : Save hundreds of hours of testing, tuning and programming


- The Kit Building Documentation: Detailed steps to build the ESS, even if you are not a specialist

- The Components List: Simply lists all the Components needed and the Vendors contact details

- The User Manual: The daily use instructions, including Safety and Battery Pack protection hints

And this is what you should get:

the price includes Paypal fees, Shipping, VAT, Online Support, so no surprises ...


  1. HI sir

    Dispate i'm french, I'll (try) write in english.
    It look a good DIY project, but unfortunatly I can't see a good and complete global achitecture overview...

    for exemple how do you 'throttle' the energy delivered to the grid : by the mean of 1 ESC connected to GTI?


    1. Thank you :)
      Everything is explained in my video and in this page:
      The amount of power delivered to the grid is based on the Net Usage given by the Wattson Energy Monitor (While we do not have a negative Usage (Generation > Usage) we keep pushing power into the grid to try not use any power frm the grid, but rather from solar and the ESS battery pack)